Front Page for 4-16-14

Reports on the City Special meeting and the School Board are in this issue, as well as a few stories regarding the Faulkton Area Medical Center. Easter is on it’s way and next Saturday the new Faulkton Retail Center is having its grand opening. Here is the front page, but if you want to see it all, you’ll have to subscribe!

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Front Page 4-9-14

2014 Faulkton City Election Results
April 8 – Unofficial

For Mayor
Sarah Davidson    71
% of total vote    22.47%
Slade Roseland    245
% of total vote    77.53%

For Ward II Council
Jamie Hustead    35
% of total vote    24.14%
Mark Toennies    110
% of total vote    75.86%

316 registered Faulkton City voters of an approximate total of 520 eligible people eligible voted in the mayor’s race, 60.76%.

Meantime, here is our front page for 4-9-14. If you want to see more, you’ll have to subscribe…

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Front Page for 4-2-14



We got another blizzard as our April Fools day gift. How thoughtful! Reports on Art show, Jumping Rope for Heart and then a report from the city council and mayoral candidates in their own words. If you want to read it all, and not be an April fool, you’ll have to subscribe!

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Faulk County Record for 3-12-14

The Record this week has more stories of the upcoming city and school election. On the front we have a story on the candidates for the open Faulkton City Council seat. The School Opt out vote is coming up real quick, on March up 18.

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Front Page for 3-6-14

Another big week in Faulk County as the snow has started to fall again late Tuesday Afternoon. Homan’s Ace Hardware has opened in Faulkton. A race for the Mayor’s office in Faulkton has developed Sarah Davidson and Slade Roseland. Fitness, adult education and a report on the council’s city meeting.

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Front Page for 2-26-14

This week we are talking about the future. Two stories focusing on housing and economic development are on our front page. Also a story on local elections, the major development of which is that Slade Roseland is making a bid for mayor. To see it all you’ll have to subscribe.


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