Faulk County Record for 10-10-12

This week we have the inspiring story of Brad Paul and the heart transplant that’s saved his live. Also we have reports on the Arts & Crafts Festival set for Oct. 20 and we are also pleased to announce that the Steakout is under new management and will also hopefully be open by Oct. 20, just in time for the hunting season.

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Faulk County Record for 10-3-2012

What another big issue for us! On the front you’ll find a report on the city council and a story on the new community sign at FHS. Inside are stories about Dr. Thomas Garrity, a Profile on new Northern Plains manager David Jahn, sports, and a Dakotafire feature on small town theaters that are in danger of shutting down because of the Digital switchover.

Speaking of Dakotafire, their third issue is out and enclosed!

Click here to see the 10-3-12 issue of the Faulk County Record

Click Here to see the Fall issue of Dakotafire Magazine.

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